Oct 16, 2008 at 9:47 PM
Hi: I've added and deployed the solution. What next? Where is the interface  or API?

Thanks for doing this BTW. It sounds exactly like what I've been looking for.

Oct 17, 2008 at 5:45 PM
Edited Oct 17, 2008 at 5:47 PM
Hi Randy,
Thank you for the feedback!
I'm still working on documentation BTW once you deployed the .wsp you have to activate the feature on the site.
Then you will find the Web Part in the Web Part Library and you'll be able to add it on any page. 
Once added on the page you have to edit the web part properties by clicking on "Modify Shared Web Part".
There you can change the XSLT source or/and enable the Debug flag that will display the XML "stream" (this may help you writing the xslt).

In this release I added an empty XSLT with just default namespaces and a simple "<xsl:template match" that "iterates" on the full users list (you may still use any XPath function to filter by attribute).

Other supported features:
You may use ID, UID, or k Query String parameter to filter the list.
  UID = Filter by SSP UserProfile GUID
  ID = Filter by User Information List GUID (for the WSS support)
  k = Filter fulltext search  (used by the People Search Box). Search input text into any user property.
  SortBy=attributename (sort the user list by attribute, if you want to write interactive UI)

Let me know if you need help...


Jun 11, 2009 at 6:32 PM

Hi ZJ,

This looks great and have had it installed by my Farm administrator. A couple of questions:

1) how do you pass these Query strings you mention (ID, UID, and k) using SharePoint Designer or the WebPart it self? I am hoping to display just the current user in the XSLT profile Webpart?

2) If I add an AD group to my SharePoint Viewers group will this XSLT web part be able to bring in all the users in the AD group? 

2) Can I then use the results from the XSLT Profile webpart, as Query Parameters (e.i. http://someURL/?FirstName={@FirstName}&LastName={@LastName}&AccountName={@AccountName}) in the Web Page View web part's URL? Reason bieing my external pplication needs the Firstname, LastName and AccountName of the current user, before it displays the external Web Page in the Web Page View web part.

Am I going to need a programmer to complete the rest of this for me or can I do it myself?